Thematic Area : Health Systems

Study Title Investigator
Effects of oxidative stress on male reproductive function Lampiao Fanuel Dr
An in vitro and in vivo investigation of medicinal herbs of the southern region of Malawi that could be used as a reversible male contraception Lampiao Fanuel Dr
Presence of heavy metals in herbal aphrodisiacs sold on the market in Blantyre City and their effects on human spermatozoa function Lampiao Fanuel Dr
Traditional herbal aphrodisiacs use among adolescents in Blantyre rural Lampiao Fanuel Dr
Assessing the effects of acute administration of imported Chinese aphrodisiacs sold in Blantyre on sperm characteristics and fertility profile in Guinea Pigs Lampiao Fanuel Dr
International remittance and trade competitiveness of Malawi Chirwa Gowokani Chijere Mr
Market research for piggery and horticultural enterprises for beneficiaries of emergency response and preparedness in Chiradzulu Chirwa Gowokani Chijere Mr
Individual Household Modelling pilot study Chirwa Gowokani Chijere Mr
Wellcome Trust Masters Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Corbett Elizabeth Dr
" Feasibility Chinkhumba Jobiba Dr
Assessment of economic burden on household due fever in under five children.Description: This study will assess household economic burden due to fever in under fivechildren and ascertain the extent of inequality in this burden between household of different Chinkhumba Jobiba Dr
A study to create a Training package to improve developmental outcomes of children with visual impairments in Malawi Dzinjalamala Fraction Dr
"Routine Surveillance for influenza and other conditions in the context of the HINI pandemic in an African population with a high burden of HIV Everett Dean Dr
Health Effects of an Improved Cook Stove Intervention in Malawi: A Randomized Controlled Trial Ho A. Dr
Estimating the economic cost of anemia at QECH Rylance Jamie Dr
The role of redox balance in pulmonary innate immune responses Montgomery Jacqui Dr
The role of redox balance in pulmonary innate immune responses: selenium supplementation Montgomery Jacqui Dr
The role of redox balance in pulmonary innate immune responses Montgomery Jacqui Dr
Utilizing traditional sex education protocols to enhance reproductive health communication to youth and young adults Bwanaisa Llyod Dr
Severe dehydrating diarrhea in Malawian children Moss P. Prof
Effect of age on immune response to influenza vaccine Coleman Meg Dr
Enhancing Training and Appropriate Technologies for Mothers and Babies in Africa (ETATMBA) Mapurisa G. Dr
"Assessing the effectiveness of an integrated community-based maternal Rand V. Dr
Evaluation of Two Different WHO Dietary Regimens in the Treatment of Severe Malnutrition Rand V. Dr
Point of Care (POC) assessment of blood heamoglobin concentration using spectroscopic analysis of chromatography paper Moons Peter Dr
Clinical Officer surgical training in Africa (COST-AFRICA) Schweling M. Schulze Dr
Situational Analysis for COST- Africa Schweling M. Schulze Dr
Establishing a district level trauma registry and exploring the concept of a national trauma registry - a pilot study in a district hospital Freeman Robert Dr
An investigation into the aetiology of non-ricketic germ valgum and genu varum in Malawi and the outcome following corrective surgery Bar-Zeev N. Dr
Prospective audit of severe lower extremity infection and co-morbidities Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Contemporary Evaluation of acute abdomen Surgery Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Audit of multi tiered program for treatment of esophageal cancer Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Prospective audit of patients with trauma Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Audit of multi tiered program for treatment of colo rectal cancer Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Prospective audit of Sigmoid Volvulus Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Audit of lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Management Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Audit of patients with moderate -severe head injury Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Audit of multi tiered program for treatment bladder cancer Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
Audit of durability of urethral structure repair Djomo Patrick Nguipdop Dr
New childhood Vaccines for Malawi Mwanza Alinafe Jacob Mr
Matched nested case-control study to investigate the factors influencing hospital readmission and its associated economic cost among adults at QUECH Kapito-Tembo Atupele Dr
Understanding and Ameliorating Environmental Enteropathy Trehan Indi Dr
Legumes and Growth Trehan Indi Dr
Innovative Interventions for Improving Childhood Growth and Environmental Enteropathy Trehan Indi Dr
A Qualitative study of the views of key leaders and District Medical Officers on Family Medicine in Malawi. Dullie L. Dr
Multidisciplinary learning needs assessment for palliative care in Malawi. Bates Jane Dr
Clinical Officer surgical training in Africa Borgstein Eric Prof
Enhancing Community Understanding and Participation in Human Subjects Protection in Malawi Manda-Taylor Lucinda Dr
Community Systems Strengthening for Equitable Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (COSYST – MNCH) Manda-Taylor Lucinda Dr
Understanding and Ameliorating Environmental Enteropathy. Manary Mark Dr
The identification of mentors and their role in career development of medical students and graduates at the College of Medicine (COM), University of Malawi: A qualitative study Sawatsky A. Dr
Pilot study of a spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting system for pharmacovigilence in Malawi. Dzabala Nettie Dr
Investigating the adverse effects experienced by patients taking Artemini-based combination therapies in Malawi. Chikowe Ibrahim Mr
A preliminary investigation of semen profiles of bicycle taxi cyclists in Mangochi district Kipandula Wakisa Mr
Integration of ear and hearing care into primary health care Mulwafu Wakisa Dr
Research on identifying pharmacy medical students learning syle preference Dzabala Nettie Dr
Research Initiation Funds Lillehoj B. Peter Prof
Audit emergency and trauma care services offered in the audit emergency and trauma centre at QECH. Nyirenda Mulinda Dr
Microbial keratitis in Malawi: An epidemiological pilot study. Kayange Cyrus Petros Dr
The promises and challenges of requiring insurance for inquiries to reaserch participants in clinical trials in Malawi. Kamalo Dongosolo Patrick Dr
Fellowship Training Program in Vaccinology Cohee Lauren Dr
Integration of Fast screening tests for pharmaceuticals into a pharmacovigilance system in Malawi Chikowe Ibrahim Mr
Distributed Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory Chikowe Ibrahim Mr
Neural Network for detecting falsified medicine Chikowe Ibrahim Mr
European Developing Countries Clinical Trial Partnership Chapotera Getrude Dr
Special populations and label expansion studies with fixed dose combinations artemether-lumefantrine, amodiaquine-artesunate, and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Chapotera Getrude Dr
Case-PNG Global Infectious Disease Research Training Program Walker D. Edward Prof
Early career retention of Malawian medical graduates: a retrospective cohort study Ulaya Godwin Dr
The Demand for Medical Male Circumcision Thornston Rebecca Dr
Why mothers choose to enrol their children in malaria clinical studies and the involvement of relatives in decision making: Evidence from Malawi Mfutso-Bengo Joseph Prof
Why do individuals agree to enrol in clinical trials? Mfutso-Bengo Joseph Prof
Compensating clinical trial participants from limited resource settings in internationally sponsored clinical trials Mfutso-Bengo Joseph Prof
Ethics challenges in conducting research in humanitarian crisis situations Mfutso-Bengo Joseph Prof
A qualitative study exploring the acceptability of deferred consent for research studies in Malawi Manda-Taylor Lucinda Dr
Evaluation of Facilitated Radio Distance Learning Program A cross-sectional comparison study Mipando-Nyondo Linda Dr
One Community Qualitative Research among Priority Populations in Malawi Mipando-Nyondo Linda Dr
Evaluation of the Unique Vulnerabilities for the Youth in Urban and Semi-Urban Areas in Malawi Makwero Christopher Mr
Assessing the feasibility of integrating HPV vaccine in health programmes in Malawi for Ministry of health and UNICEF (Funded by UNICEF) Makwero Christopher Mr
Assessing the feasibility of integrating HPV vaccine in health programmes in Malawi for Ministry of health and UNICEF (Funded by UNICEF) Makwero Christopher Mr
Assessing the feasibility of integrating HPV vaccine in health programmes in Malawi for Ministry of health and UNICEF (Funded by UNICEF) Makwero Christopher Mr
A mixed-methods evaluation of a USAID performance based incentives (PBI) program to improve the uptake and quality of essential health care services in Malawi Makwero Christopher Mr
Evaluating Banja La Mtsogolo programme of Work Makwero Christopher Mr
Malawi centre for research in epidemiology and Public Health: addressing research priorities through partnership Mia Crampin Dr
Ensuring long-term robustness and accessibility of the Karonga Prevention Study database for public health and biomedical research. Mia Crampin Dr
Using routinely collected public facility data for program improvement in Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia Mia Crampin Dr
Cluster randomised controlled trial of sodium reduction to reduce hypertension in Malawi – development of intervention Mia Crampin Dr
Validation of promising biomarker assays to assess their diagnostic performance characteristics in low and middle income countries. Mvula Hazzie Daud Mr
Patients’ perception about their privacy and confidentiality among hospitals in Blantyre. Mukoka Grace Miss
Physiotherapists as Supplementary Prescribers: Opinion of Nigerian Doctors Mukoka Grace Miss
Maintaining function in stroke survivors after successful rehabilitation using mobile health initiative Kalavina Reuben Mr
Home FIRST pilot study—admission avoidance and early assisted discharge in pneumonia Gordon Stephen Brian Prof
Augmented passive immunity to treat severe sepsis Gordon Stephen Brian Prof
Biomass reduction and environmental air towards health effects in Africa – BREATHE partnership Purpose Gordon Stephen Brian Prof
An advanced cookstove intervention to prevent pneumonia in children under 5 years old in Malawi: a cluster randomised controlled trial Gordon Stephen Brian Prof
Southern Africa Consortium for Research Excellence (SACORE). Musaya Janelisa Dr
Intersectoral Fellowships to Build Capacity on Irrigation, Agricultural Production, and Health in Malawi” Mathanga Don Pascal Dr
Core Award for the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Programme Gordon Stephen Brian Prof
Strengthening Capacity to Use Research Evidence in Health Policy (SECURE Health)in Kenya and Malawi Maliwichi-Nyirenda Promise Cecilia Dr
African Centre of Excellence in Public Health andHerbal Medicine Maliwichi-Nyirenda Promise Cecilia Dr