Profile of COM Studies

Study Title Thematic Area Investigator
"Nov 11 Wellcome Trust CDF (095878/Z/11/Z). 4 year proposal “Treatment support for older children and adolescents living with HIV: A household-randomised trial linked to evaluation of decentralised HIV testing and care in Harare HIV/AIDS Corbett Elizabeth Dr
NIH R01 AI093316-01.“Impact of a New Molecular TB Test on TB/HIV Outcomes among HIV-Infected Malawians”. PI Prof Richard Chaisson (Johns Hopkins). Time spent 20% HIV/AIDS Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"Building capacity in TB research Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship Renewal (GR014469). Community-wide TB case-finding linked to a nested cluster-randomised trial of promotion of HIV-testing and prevention of HIV-related TB in Blantyre Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"Wellcome Trust Strategic Award (GR039378). “Establishment of a centre for Clinical Infectious Diseases Research at the University of Cape Town (Wellcome-UCT-CCIDr)”. Principal Applicant Robert Wilkinson. Co-applicants: Gordon Brown Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
For a 3 year Fellowship “‘Kuteerera muviri?’ Engaging men in TB control interventions” Time spent 2% Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
Improving tuberculosis control in Africa: mathematical modeling of CREATE and associated intervention trials.(now 2% time) Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
“Effect of community-wide isoniazid preventive therapy on tuberculosis among South African gold miners”. Principal Applicant: Prof Gavin Churchyard Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"Extension to Wellcome Trust Career Post (GR074644MA). Sixteen months funding to enable relocation and pilot work in Blantyre Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"“HIV-associated morbidity and response to anti-retroviral therapy (ART) among adolescents in Harare HIV/AIDS Corbett Elizabeth Dr
" ""A cluster randomised trial of two intensified TB case-finding strategies in an urban community severely affected by HIV"". " HIV/AIDS Corbett Elizabeth Dr
Wellcome Trust Masters Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Health Systems Corbett Elizabeth Dr
"Invited proposal for a 2 year research intervention “Establishing school-based HIV Diagnosis and Care in Harare HIV/AIDS Corbett Elizabeth Dr
“The rapid and selective detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by field deployable thermochemolysis-gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry”. Tuberculosis Corbett Elizabeth Dr