Everett Dean Dr


Specialty Fields :


Study Title Role Period Status
Schistosomiasis in pre-school children and mothers in rural southern Malawi Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000
Effect of ART and role of compartmentalization Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000
The contribution of anaemia of chronic disease and lymphoma Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000 0000-00-00
Investigation of the basis of pneumococcal specific memory responses in HIV Adults - Implications for Vaccine Design Version 4 Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000
Characterisation of mucosal immunity to streptococcus pneumoniae in a population with high rates of pneumococcal colonisation Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000
"Routine Surveillance for influenza and other conditions in the context of the HINI pandemic in an African population with a high burden of HIV Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000 0000-00-00
The Characterisation of the Loss of B Cell Memory to Pneumococcal Protein Antigens in Malawian Children During HIV Infection Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000
Does treatment of invasive and persistent non-typhoid salmonella in HIV-infectedadults cause evolution of antibiotic resistance? Principal Investigator 0000 - 0000
An International Multicentre Trial for the Evaluation of a Four-drug Fixed Dose Combined Tablet in the Initial Intensive Phase (2 months) of Chemotherapy Followed by a Two-Drug Fixed Dose Combined Tablet in the Continuation Phase (4 months) for the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Principal Investigator 2003 - 2005 Completed
Surveillance for influenza in the context of pandemic H1N1 in an African population with a high burden of HIV, Malaria and Malnutrition. Principal Investigator 2010 - 2011 Completed